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6th and Wild Card Track


9:30 - Shiur on ZOOM

11:30 - Arrival at Camp, Health Screening

11:45 - League Game #1

1:00 - Lunch (Brought from home!)


1:30 - Clinics

3:00 - Night Activity

4:00 - League Game #2

5:15 - Dismissal


9:30 - Shiur on ZOOM

11:15 - Arrival at Camp, Health Screening

11:30 - Clinic

12:30 - Leagues

1:30 - Dismissal, Have a great Shabbos!!

7th, 8th and 9th Grade


10:00 - Shiur on ZOOM

11:50 - Health Screening

12:05 - League Game #1

1:20 - Lunch, Bring from Home

1:45 - Clinics

3:00 - League Game #2

4:30- Mincha

4:45 Night Activity

5:45 - Dismissal


9:45 - Shiur on ZOOM

11:30 - Health Screening

11:45 - League Game

12:45 - Clinic

1:30 - Dismissal, Have a great Shabbos!!








"...My son is having the summer of his life...He IS a Colgate smile kid but I have ever seen him smile this wide!!! Thank you for all you are doing!..."

"... On another note I would like to personally thank you for giving my son the best summer ever. I am for real- he came home every day happy. From great fun counselors to an amazing put together program that was not over the top crazy. It was just perfect. Thank you, counting the days until this summer !!..."

"...My son loved the trip and he loves Camp Eeshay altogether. Thanks for an amazing summer..."

"...Our son came back with wonderful memories and a great and meaningful experience. We therefore sincerely thank you for all the efforts you have and are investing in this amazing camp. We hope to be in touch next year again. May you all be zoiche לכל מילי דמיטב thanks to your unconditional input in our children. Have an easy an meaningful fast and may Camp Eeshay take place next year in Yerushalayim!..."
"...I will take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of camp Eeshay. You all do a fantastic job!! It gives me such a good feeling seeing my son leave every morning so excited to go to camp and come back exhausted from the amazing day he had. You provide such a wholesome experience for the boys that really gives them a much needed break and invigorates them for the nxt school year. Yashar koach & Thank you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!..."

"... My Son had such an awesome time in camp- loved every day and dissapointed to be missing next week - and this is from a hard core sleepaway guy! 

Thank you for providing such an all around great experience in town option.  Enjoy the rest of the summer...."

"...I cannot thank the two of you enough for accepting our son into your camp with open arms. He is so happy there I cannot think of a better place for him. I do believe it's a miracle I seriously didn't know what to do when we realized the sleep away camp he thought of going to wasn't an option and the day camp he went to last year had no boys his age. I davened so hard and asked for a miracle and your camp was the answer to my tefillos. Thank you so much for all you do and for what you have done for us..."

"... Hi I just wanted to tell you that my son had the Best experience of his life- he just LOVED every day at camp- THANK YOU!!...."

"...Wow! You guys have the best trips! We need a camp for parents! Lol! Thanks for making our son's summer a great one!..."

​"...Imagine this:  My son walks into the car, sweat dripping down his face, and the  first breathless words out of his mouth are "Eeshay is awesome!..."

"...Thank you for giving my son an amazing summer! He loved going to camp so much! He came home smiling & exhausted every day... the perfect way to come home from camp! I am so grateful to have an option in town that really rocks the camp experience! Thank you!..."

"...Wow!! My son just got home from the first day at Camp- I have never seen him so excited!! Evidently its a magical place... Thank you for providing us with such an incredible experience! Cant wait to see what the next few weeks bring!!!..."

​"...Just wanted to thank you for the amazing videos you send every week. It is so enjoyable to watch and get a real idea of what a wonderful camp our son is in. True wholesome fun. Yasher koach to the incredibly talented video producer! ..."

​"...Thanks again for providing us with such an amazing summer!!!!!!!!!!! All of the small details are noticed and appreciated!!..."

​"...We wanted to thank you very much for allowing our son to have such a wonderful camp experience. Camp Eeshay has a wonderful balance of both Ruchnius and Gashmius. We are definitely looking forward for another great year BE"H (hopefully you can do Camp Eeshay in Yerushalayim Ir hakodesh next year!!..."

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